Feeling With Fingers That See

‘Feeling With Fingers That See’

–52 pages
–50 5-colour plates, printed with 5 Pantones
–Published in May 2017 by Loose Joints
–21 x 27 cm

Feeling with fingers that see by Stuart Whipps is the first in a series of books derived from the artists’ wide-ranging body of research into the human impulse to categories, control and understand the world. The book’s origins are in an ongoing artwork by Whipps, A System for Communicating With The Ghost of Sir Christopher Wren, in which the artist explores an early iteration of sign language, pioneered in the seventeenth century by the architect and polymath Sir Christopher Wren. Whipps uses the system within photographs, installation, video and performance to both communicate with Wren from beyond the grave, and to disseminate pertinent messages discovered during his research.


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