Photo Colour Services

‘Photo Colour Services’

Ithuba Arts Gallery, Johannesburg

With Eastside Projects


13th March to 18th April 2015


Photo Colour Services (PCS) takes its name from a redundant photography lab and is a series of international exhibitions, workshops and presentations.


It began with the discovery of 481 photographic negatives in a disused lab in Johannesburg in 2007.


This exhibition at Ithuba gallery, although 8 years later, is a beginning for the project. Using the original branding, PCS was re-established as a research, rather than production lab. The show presents all 481 photographs, as they were found, in print development trays and invited the audience to explore and interrogate their possible meanings and narratives.


Alongside this a number of organisations and institutions in Johannesburg worked with this material during the exhibition and will continue to do so ahead of further iterations of the project.


Exhibition part of LAB with Eastside Projects, Autoitalia and BannerRepeater. Supported by the British Council